Entidad: Instituto de Química, UNAM

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Línea de trabajo y/o generación del conocimiento: Fisicoquímica

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  • Quantification of liquid products from the electroreduction of CO 2 and CO using static headspace-gas chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
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  • Highly selective plasma-activated copper catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction to ethylene
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  • Opportunities and challenges in the electrocatalysis of CO2 and CO reduction using bifunctional surfaces: A theoretical and experimental study of Au–Cd alloys
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  • Tuning the Catalytic Activity and Selectivity of Cu for CO2Electroreduction in the Presence of Halides
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  • Tuning Catalytic Selectivity at the Mesoscale via Interparticle Interactions
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  • Controlling the selectivity of CO 2 electroreduction on copper: The effect of the electrolyte concentration and the importance of the local pH
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  • Metal-Doped Nitrogenated Carbon as an Efficient Catalyst for Direct CO2Electroreduction to CO and Hydrocarbons
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  • The effect of functionalised multi-walled carbon nanotubes in the hydrogen electrooxidation reaction in reactive currents impurified with CO
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  • CO2Electroreduction on Well-Defined Bimetallic Surfaces: Cu Overlayers on Pt(111) and Pt(211)
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  • Design of an Active Site towards Optimal Electrocatalysis: Overlayers, Surface Alloys and Near-Surface Alloys of Cu/Pt(111)
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  • Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution: Sabatier’s Principle and the Volcano Plot
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  • The importance of surface morphology in controlling the selectivity of polycrystalline copper for CO2 electroreduction
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